News By/Courtesy: Ishita | 16 Mar 2020 19:56pm IST


  • Crime committed in 2016
  • Killed 19 people
  • Sentenced to death by hanging

A japanese man named Satoshi Uematsu aged 30 yrs, admitted that he had stabbed people at a care centre for people with mental disabilities resulting in injury and death of the victims in front of the sessions court in Japan, he had once worked in that centre which is for people with mental disabilities in Sagamihara, southwest of Tokyo.

He has admitted to the crime he did wherein he killed 19 disabled people in a knife-wielding rampage in 2016 which was one of post-war Japan's worst mass killings, twenty-six others were wounded and various other victims were stabbed as they slept. This brutal crime sent a shockwave across through the nation, where violent crime is a rare thing because of strict gun control.

He confessed to a court of sesison that those incapable of communicating with others are a burden on the society and killing of such people will be good for the society. He was sentenced by judge Kiyoshi Aonuma on Monday giving him the punishment of death by hanging. The judge quoted that the "crime comitted was a pre-mediated plan and there was a strong desire to kill, the malaciousness of this was extreme."



Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 17 Mar 2020 9:31am IST

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