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  • COVID-19
  • AIIMS comes to the rescue
  • Pandemic has raised the death toll

A sigh of relief from AIIMS: To combat the coronavirus, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) has decided to transform its huge wound centre building into a COVID-19 hospital. Official sources say preparations are under way to convert a facility that mainly treats victims of traffic accidents into a dedicated COVID-19 hospital, adding that it will initially have 260 beds.

"The entire trauma casualty and the emergency is being shifted to the AIIMS' main emergency. Most of the patients have already been shifted to multiple wards at the main AIIMS hospital," a source said. AIIMS administrations may soon announce a formal statement in this regard.


Of the total number of beds, the high-expectation ward has approximately 50 ICU beds and approximately 30-40 beds. It has about 70 ventilators. A source said: "According to demand, capacity can be increased."

AIIMS has set up a working group to develop a management agreement for COVID-19 and has formed several committees to address challenges that may be raised in the coming days due to the increased number of coronavirus cases.

The premier hospital has closed its OPD, which includes specialist services and the registration of all new and follow-up patients, with a gradual increase in orders from March 24. In addition, the hospital has been anticipating all non-essential elective procedures and procedures, while the competent authorities have only directed life-saving emergency procedures. According to the United Ministry of Health, the number of coronavirus cases in India broke through the 1,000 mark on Sunday and the death toll rose to 27.

At the outset and the crux of the matter is that the medical force of AIIMS have joined the fight against the coronavirus, as the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS)  has decided to convert its sprawling Trauma Centre building into a COVID-19 hospital.


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