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The Aam Admi Party had done almost 70 promises to the people of Delhi in the year 2015. In the election of Delhi, 2020 Aam Admi party has again conquered the field of battle. Did the party had fulfilled its promises or not? Let's figure out.

Many reasons are responsible for the 2nd time victory of the Aam Admi Party. The campaign was started by AAM and BJP before the election. But the concern of both the parties was totally opposite and different from each other. The BJP  had called many tv stars like Sunny Deol, Manoj Tiwari and many more for promoting its campaign. But they had nothing to discuss. The topics on which BJP focused during the campaign were the issues of Hindu Muslims, shaheen bagh, mandir masjid conflict, etc. Their campaign had nothing new for the people the just recalled the previous things. On the other hand Sanitizer, Admi Party discussed the work which the party had done in previous years especially on modification of government schools, Mohalla clinics, free water supply, free 200 units of electricity and many more. So the campaign of the Kejriwal government was totally positive.

Most of the people of Delhi are educated. So they see the image of their CM as a strong personality with capability and credibility. The image of Arvind Kejriwal is far better in the minds of people because of his work and history background as compared to Manoj Tiwari. So they figured out Kejriwal better as a person for the position of CM rather than Manoj Tiwari ( who is an actor). 

Godi media also is one of the important factors in elections. Godi media is bought over by the BJP and do what the party says. Arvind Kejriwal played the clever tricks here. He didn't boycott the godi media instead of it he gave the interview with the live presence of the people. So the people actually know that the interview is not scripted to make it in favor of BJP. This helped a lot Aam Admi Party

Last but not the least campaign or interview would have done nothing if there was no hard work or no work was done. But the party has done work which is visible to people. The government has fulfilled almost all the promises which it had done to people no matter whether it is the field of education, health, economy, pollution or corruption. Therefore this is the most important factor responsible for the victory of the Aam Admi Party.

The best thing of these elections was that the other parties learned that in the future they will get votes only on the behalf of work done but not by giving a speech on Hindu Muslim, or topics which create negativity. So what are your views about their results? Share it with me.

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 31 Mar 2020 21:10pm IST

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