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  • Improvement of environmental factors due to lockdown among many countries.
  • Reasons for such a massive destruction of nature.
  • Which measures should be taken to stop the destruction.

Improvement in the quality of the environment is a byproduct of coronavirus pandemic. Many reports have confirmed that there is a massive improvement in the AQI (i.e. Air Quality Index) of the most polluted cities of the world. Also, NASA has confirmed that after a long time they have clearly seen China’s territory from the space.

Cities like Delhi, Wuhan, Mexico, and Tokyo are now having AQI of Less than 100. Many extinct species are being seen in some areas of the world like dolphins have been seen in Mumbai, India. Canals of Venice are clearer than ever.

NO2 i.e. Nitrogen Oxide, which is the most polluting gas, which is the cause of most of the respiratory diseases such as Asthama. This gas is mainly produced by car engines. Nature has seen a major drop in this gas i.e. up to 20-30%.

New York, The city that never sleeps, has seen a major fall in the levels of Methane, Carbon mono oxide and traffic.

We should analyze that what are the reasons behind this?

  • We are disturbing the natural working of the earth by altering its natural working. We use harmful gases to pollute the air, harmful chemicals to pollute the water and harmful noises to pollute the silent atmosphere.
  • Many animals are becoming distinct and many have already become extinct due to the destruction of their natural habitats.
  • Human is interfering in mostly all the natural processes of the earth. He doesn’t remember that Natural things stay natural and man-made things cannot override natural things.
  • Karma has repeated it and has shown its power. Man enjoys carrying animals in cages but now when he has to live in a cage he got irritated very soon.

Reduction of Air, water and noise pollution has given nature a sigh of relief and a kind of new birth.

We have some responsibility for the environment. If we take from it we have to give to it its purity and space it wants. But, we just take from it and never ever thought of giving our mother nature back anything we have got from it.

If we take care of nature, nature will also take care of us. Reduction in pollution will lead to less carbon dioxide emissions which will reduce global warming, stop the glaciers from melting and reduce plants and animals from extinction.

So what changes have you seen in the environment near you? Share your views and comments below.

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