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  • Brexit happened on 31st January, 2020
  • EU forced its countries to take refugees in proportion of their population
  • Scottish people opposed the separation and demanded separate scotland

Brexit – have you listened to the word?

This is the separation of the UK (United Kingdom) from the EU (European Union), which happened due to the ‘Brexit referendum 2016’.

If we see the details of the UK and EU, we will get to know very interesting facts:

UK – UK is a country made by amalgamating 4 countries i.e. England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. These 4 are separate countries as well as the UK is also a country. As, the UK has singe parliament, single currency, but different flags. Crickets teams for England and Scotland are different, but the Olympics team is of the UK. These are some interesting facts about the UK.

EU – Now coming towards the EU, similarly to the UK it is also the amalgamation of 28 countries. EU also has the same currency, single parliament but more liberal rules and regulations as a country could choose different currencies.  There are no borders between these countries you can go to any country without a passport

The purpose of these unions was to promote peace. This was started by France and Germany to promote peace by trading with one another as a union and then many countries started becoming part of this union. In 1999, they decided to form the same currency. This will not only promote peace but the EU will become a power on the world map. No trade barriers promote easy business and trading, one country’s can benefit from other country’s specialties. This will promote globalization. Disagreement rise between EU and Britain as in 2015, the EU announced that every country as part of the EU has to take refugees to their countries in the proportion of their population.

Conservative party took advantage of this and started the Brexit referendum 2016. To which 52% of the population said yes. This 52% yes was taken by forcing people of the UK. But finally, on 31st January 2020, Brexit happened.

It will impact adversely on both UK and EU’s economies as an Import-export tariff will be imposed in the UK and EU as these are now different countries. As per global import-export data, 1/3rd of imports in the UK are from the EU. Many Job opportunities have been reduced, as before to Brexit anyone can go to any country of EU and get a job, but now people of the EU cannot get a job in the UK and vice versa.

People of Scotland started to oppose the Brexit, and thus they started to ask for a separate Scotland because they don’t want to get separated from the EU.

A question arises, Is it right in the view of nationalism, anti-nationalism, and internationalism?

In my views these borders are just made up by humans, we should live up by showing humanity to each other, what are your views. Share with me in the comments section below.


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