News By/Courtesy: Ishita | 03 Apr 2020 13:55pm IST


  • Video message addressed at 9 AM today
  • First addressal by the PM after lockdown announced .
  • Lockdown to last for 21 days

INDIA - Our country is standing against a state of war against the novel coronavirus which has claimed thousands of lives world wide and is a global threat to humans and their economic conditions, with lockdowns being announed across the countries the working class has been hit badly with no source of income from anywhere and the enforcement of work from home, MNCs are in talk to cut down the wages of the workers for a particular time period. In India especially the lower strata which constitutes of daily wage workers have been hit very badly and started to move to their villages amid lockdown. With no source of income left and no savings as well ,this class is at a threat of starvation as well. 

The government officials and the medical staff are time and again urging the people to remain at their homes and to follow the lockdown.

Prime Minister Modi addressed the citizens of the country through a video message on the morning of 3rd March 2020 at 9AM, in which he urged the citizens to stand united against coronavirus, he urged the people to stand in their on 5th April in their balconies or doorways in their homes and light a candle, diya or even switch on their mobile phones lights, the main aim to do this is to show that if the citizens are united of a country then no harm could be done to that country as light shines above darkness, it will also show respect towards the medical staff who is working day and night at the risk of their lives to save the people.

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