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  • Elections results declared on 24th October, 2020
  • BJP tried to purchase MLAs and to ally with NCP.
  • Finally, RSS, NCP and Congress formed government

Maharashtra elections were held in October 2019. This time, the formation of the government was a very cumbersome process. All this drama started on 24th October 2019 when the results of these elections were declared. The constituency has 288 seats in total. The results were as follows:

BJP – 105

Shiv Sena – 56

NCP – 54

Congress – 44

Others – 29

To formulate government a party needed a minimum of 145 seats, which no party got individually.

Before elections, BJP and Shiv Sena were in alliance, but after results, there was a conflict between them.

Shiv Sena wanted 50-50 government which means 2.5 years CM will be from BJP and other 2.5 years from Shiv Sena to which BJP denied. Shiv Sena said that they breached the promise.

Till 20 days after results, RSS talked with NCP and congress for the alliance.

But on 9th November, Maharashtra governor invited BJP to form the government, as BJP was the largest party and BJP was given 48 hours to prove its majority to which BJP rejected as they have no alliance to prove the majority.

On 10th November Shiv Sena was invited to form the government and was given 24 hours to prove the majority. Shiv Sena accepted this, but they asked for 3 days to prove the majority. Governor rejected this plea and the president’s rule was imposed in Maharashtra.

On 22nd November, news channels were saying that Udhav Thackeray will be next CM and Shiv Sena has completed negotiations with NCP and congress.

On 23rd January, at 5:47 AM president’s rule was removed and at 7:50 AM, BJP and NCP made an alliance and announced government with Devendra Fadnavis as CM and Ajit Pawar as Deputy CM.

Then Sharad Pawar tweeted that NCP and its MLAs are with RSS and congress.

NCP, RSS, and congress collected all the MLAs in a hotel and took the pledge from them that they will form the government with the alliance of each other.

Shiv Sena asked for a floor test to prove the majority of BJP. BJP pleaded that floor test to be conducted on 30th November, but the Supreme court said on 26th November that the floor test will be conducted on 27th November only.

On 25th November, some newspapers said that ACB has closed some files against Ajit Pawar relating to corruption cases such as irrigation scam case. But then ACB officials said that they have closed cases but other than irrigation case.

On 27th November, Devendra Fadnavis and Ajit Pawar resigned from the posts of CM and Deputy CM respectively. In Karnataka, the same thing happened that MLAs were purchased for making government.

Is it ethical to purchase MLAs and make government?

Will it be a stable government as the ideologies of these parties are different from each other?

What are your views on this? Please share with me in the comments section below.

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 20 Apr 2020 14:06pm IST

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