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  • The world's largest statue - statue of unity
  • A very big step towards tourism industry
  • Revenue cost analysis of the statue of unity

The world's tallest statue is in our country now. Now people will see us with a feeling of great pride and respect for us. A large number of people will visit and it will lead to an increase the tourism industry. This will also give jobs to a large number of people. What tribute we have given to Sardar Patel Ji by making this statue? Let's figure out.

So let's look at various aspects of this statue-like economical, cultural, social, political, and aspects related to tourism and pride. Let's find the truth of this statue. The entire cost of this project is about 3000 crores,  where the estimated price of only the statue is rupees 1350 crores.

So the amount of rupees 1350 crores is equal to 180 million dollars. For the comparison, the first tallest statue in the world was the Buddha statue of the spring temple, china. Now, this has become the second tallest statue of the world and the entire cost of this project was 55 million dollars. The cost of the only the statue was 18 million dollars. If we compare the world's tallest statue is made up of 180 million dollars while the second largest statue of the world is made up of 18 million dollars. (Ten times difference between the price of both). If we compare the height of the statue then the height of the statue of unity is 182 meters while the height of the Buddha statue is 128 meters. So there is no 10 times difference in the height. So the first question arises that why there is such a huge difference between the cost of both the statue even the outlook of both the statue is almost the same.

The most popular and most visited tourist spots of India is Taj Mahal. Taj Mahal attracts almost 8 million tourists from the whole world every year. But only 25 crore rupees are collected as yearly revenue of the Taj Mahal. If the statue of unity will become popular a small of Taj Mahal still it will only earn only 25 crores in one year. That means that it will take 120 years to break the cost of 3000 crore rupees. But I don't think that even 10 percent of the visitors who visit the Taj Mahal will come to the statue of unity. It looks like that the government didn't pay heed towards the Profatibilty of the statue.

World-famous is always near some famous cities. Statue of Liberty is in New York, Eiffel Tower is in Paris.  But from the statue of unity Ahamadebad is 4 hours away and Mumbai is 8 hours away,  due to this reason many people will not come to visit the statue of unity. So what is your perspective regarding this?  Share with me in the comments section.

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