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Health is something that we need to maintain properly, a fit body helps you to keep your mind calm and relaxed. It’s very important to being sound in body, mind and only a healthy lifestyle keeps all the diseases away from our body. A proper way of healthy lifestyles can changes our body and mind completely. It helps to improve our thoughts by creating positive affirmation.

It is well said that “the health is wealth” but for good health eating healthy food and doing exercise, taking sufficient sleep is very important. Healthy foods and items play an important part of leading a healthy and smart lifestyle. Our food choices affect our health it can improve our health and also can damage your health. The nutrients which are present in our food enable the cells in our bodies to perform the functions well in our body.

We should make habits to eat such foods which creates our health and reduce disease. The past few decades junk foods have penetrated every corner of our country we can see them being served everywhere from restaurants, malls, streets, roadside corners, and college canteens. But just think once why to eat those junks? if we already know the consequences.

“Junk” refers to extra and useless so do the complete justice to what the name signifies to the popular junk foods which is liked by everyone. The consequences of these junk foods have terrible on our health. Whether you have twice or thrice in a week doesn’t matter it affects badly on your health. These fatty junks are bound to have digestive problems and irritable bowel syndrome because of the deep fried in oil and can create many dangerous health problems and increase the risk of heart disease. Eating junk food linked to a higher risk of obesity, depression and many more diseases. So why these food are necessary for our life keep yourself away from junk food. If we will eat good food our mind will be relaxed and calm. It will help to achieve goals of our life.

Health refers not only to the absence of disease also the ability to recover back form illness and other problems of life. Health is not only the sate of absence of disease or infirmity. It is a state of physical, mental and socially well being.



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