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Fashion is a way of enhancing lifestyle prevailing custom, dress or socializing. It is a way of expressing thoughts a form of art. It is the idea of breaking the rules of stereotypes dressing style according to the time and needs. It can’t be defined in one word it means different to everyone or it could be someone’s entire career or could be fashion blogs following up with current designers, latest trends and other different fields. Several factors of fashion that break it down by time and season, what’s in and out almost wearing by everyone.

Media has a major factor in establishing fashion trends by showing the movie, advertisement, magazines etc. It is something we deal with everyday. People became more choosy nowadays and careful about what they wear. Constantly, we are being bombarded with new lifestyle and fashion which we are copying from different sources like movies, music, videos, television and other sources. In our societies movies have a big impact on people what actors, actress wear it really matters for them. Fashion is a trend in worldwide sometimes a particular style becomes popular which people starts to copying in their lifestyles. Especially teenagers they love to wear trendy clothes and dresses which are updated and latest in trends.

Fashion is revealing what we wear it reveals what groups of people are in. Style shows our personality and creativity it may show the reaction of the acceptance or rejection of a style in our societies. Fashion is a kind of language it tells a story about person it creates a wordless means of communication. We wear clothes for many reasons according to the style, season what we likes or what we needs.

Fashion is a huge market people are involved in selling and buying of clothing and other trendy things. Fashion allows people to try on many roles it is about change which is necessary to keep life interesting. It’s also a mirror of societies. Fashion changes over time by time and it has changed over the years looking good makes us feel better, energetic and confident. It has a huge impact on our life if you will look confident you will feel confident. So definitely fashion can bring changes in every person’s life and now it became a important part of our life. Fashion needs to be updated in our life.

Section Editor: Prithvijit Mukherjee | 30 Jan 2020 21:53pm IST


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