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Travelling is the best way to explore yourself. It is something that makes you believe that you can do better in your life. It helps to find a creativity in yourself and makes you confident. There are so many things to learn from travel experiences. I mean moving to a new places, knowing their culture and food..... Isn’t it amazing? Experience new ways of life and cultures it is so  amazing in itself. I believe that travelling can teach you more than any university and college. If you will visit the different places of worlds and talk to locals you will be likely learn about their thinking, traditions, habits and history as well.

Travel can have the unnerving ability to push the boundaries of our fear – it can be anything from people, animals, emotional fear, mental fear or of loosing someone. It forces to confront our fears and learn new techniques of managing them in often different contexts. Travelling new places is one of the amazing feelings ever it connects you to people mentally, emotionally which makes you feel better. Travelling is not just a stunning scenery, relaxation and adventurous experiences learning the culture of new places is enriching for the soul. It can enhance new way of thinking.

Culture is the set of rituals, ideas, rules and a different characteristics shared by the people. It can be represented from art or any other medium. It is a constantly evolving phenomenon. Every country has its own culture, rituals and their food it is the beliefs of the people that the ways they think the world and their lives and travelling is the best way to connects with people and gives you the chance to enhance your inner beauty. India has a beautiful list of amazing places to visit with your families and friends. Some of the best places are Goa, Delhi, Kerala, Pune, Rajasthan Dharmshala, Kashmir and many more places like north east and southern side. India is full of colour and culture. everystates state of India has a unique charm, a unique culture and history. If you will travel and explore yourself ‘will help you learn different cultures and major facts of every state. Overall travelling makes you open and more confident and you can make most cherished memories with your life. Once you grow older and look back at you life only these amazing experiences gives you happiness with satisfaction.

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