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  • A second confirmed case of coronavirus has been reported from Kerala
  • The patient has been kept in isolation at Alappuzha Medical College and Hospital
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India has now got two coronavirus cases and both of them have been discovered in Kerala. Maharashtra, Telangana, and Delhi are the places in India where the medical isolation cases are under supervision. After the Nipah Virus 2018, Kerala got to know its successful strategy of working ambitiously and exhaustively towards attaining its medical goals. After three days of the first case which was discovered in Kerala, the second case was discovered in Thrissur district.

The patient has been recognized as a student from Wuhan, who came to India on 24 January. The Union Health Ministry mentioned that she has been kept in isolation for monitoring and further proceedings. The Coronavirus which started from Wuhan, China has now spread to 25 countries all over the globe. Till date, 304 deaths and 14,380 cases of the virus has been reported from China.

Kerala’s Union Health Minister KK Shailaja said, “We are very vigilant till the incubation period passes. The best treatment is to be in isolation and get lots of rest. We haven’t got the test result from NiV Pune, but they have indicated that it’s a patient at the Alappuzha Medical College. It’s a possibility that the patient could be positive. So we’re waiting for the test result.” She has also requested the quarantines to be at the required place and stay there till the period of 28 days of incubation of virus.

The Health Minister said, "We are expressing vigilance to ensure no casualties. We don't want anyone to die. We are adamant that whoever tests positive must already be in our treatment and in our surveillance. People should cooperate with our vigilance. We have the best isolation facilities in Kerala."

Meanwhile, India today airlifted the second batch of 323 stranded citizens from China's coronavirus-hit Wuhan city. On Saturday, Air India’s special flight evacuated 324 people from Wuhan to Delhi. None of them have responded in a positive way.

The ones in quarantine are under constant supervision to keep a track of any sign of the virus.
















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