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Contempt notice was issued to 15 private websites by Allahabad HC. The reason behind such a notice was due to the fact that these websites advertised about practicing lawyers. Such practise of advertising is contrary to BCI rules.

An order to the present effect was passed reportedly on a PIL filed by one, Yash Bharadwaj, who had alleged that these websites had violated earlier directions given by the HC in December 2019 to avoid violating Sections 2, 36 and 37 of the BCI Rules such as barring lawyers from soliciting work or advertising.

As per reports, the petitioner submitted that the alleged contemnors had claimed on the websites that that they had the "best/top rated" lawyers in country.

In response, Justice Abdul Moin has now called on the alleged contemnors to respond on why action should not be taken against them for contempt of court. The order passed on February 4 states,

"Issue notice to respondents no. 1 to 15 to show cause as to why the proceedings for contempt of the Court be not initiated against them for non-compliance of the judgment and order dated 12.12.2019 passed in Writ Petition No.23328 (MB) of 2018".

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 09 Feb 2020 12:22pm IST

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