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  • A Delhi court on Wednesday directed that legal aid to be given to Pawan Gupta
  • Nirbhaya's mother moved ot court in to ask for fresh death warrents
  • Court offered free legal aid to the convict

New Delhi: A Delhi court on Wednesday directed that legal aid to be given to Pawan Gupta, one of the convicts of the December-16-2012 gang rape case wherein the mother of the paramedic student (who was raped and murdered) became emotionally unstable during the hearing and left the courtroom. Additional sessions judge Dharmendra Rana ordered that a lawyer to be provided by the Delhi State Legal Services Authorities (DSLSA), while directing advocate AP Singh, former counsel for Pawan, to deposit all case documents regarding Pawan.

The state government and the victim's parents has moved court seeking fresh death warrants against the four convicts. Asha Devi, the mother of the victim said, "I am here for the last one-and-a-half years, waiting for them to avail their legal remedies. However, even I am the victim's mother, and even I have some rights. I would request you to please issue the death warrants," she said as her husband Badrinath Singh objected to the providing fresh legal aid to Pawan. Advocate AP Singh who was previously representing three convicts- Akshay Thakur, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma, refused to represent Pawan in the hearing on Wednesday. Pawan's father, Hira Lal Gupta, who was also present in the court, told the judge that he would get a new counsel. To this, the court offered Hira Lal legal aid but he refused saying he would not go for any government provided aid and would get his own private lawyer within two days.

"I am duty-bound to give you the opportunity, I can't make you take it," the court said while also asking amicus curiae Vrinda Grover if she would represent Pawan to which she refused stating that she is already representing the convict Mukesh Singh. Appearing for the State, additional public prosecutor (APP) Irfan Ahmed told that court that nothing is pending in any court of law and hence death warrant can be issued.

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