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  • Tahir Hussain is accused of murder and abduction
  • He is currently absconding with his family members
  • Last known location at Delhi-UP Border

Delhi Police on 28th February, 2020 said that the suspended AAP councillor, Mohammad Tahir Hussain, has resorted to hiding as he was booked under the charges of murder and abduction of Intelligence Bureau (IB) Staffer Ankit Sharma for allegedly taking part in the communal riots in Northeast Delhi's Chand Bagh. The police said that Hussain , is booked after a complaint from Sharma's parents, and is absconding together with his relations and he has also shifted his cellphone. The last known location of his cellphone was near the Delhi-Uttar Pradesh border, and investigator associated with the case said, asking to not be named.

He possibly fled sooner after the FIR was registered at Dayalpur station. Delhi Police teams, being five in number that consisted of the special cell and anti-terror squad, are making sure raids happen at possible hideouts in Delhi, Province and other Adjoining states.

On Thursday, Hussain denied being involved in Sharma's murder and said that he will cooperate with the police work, he also quoted that he was at a relative's place when the rioting befell. His friends and relatives in Delhi are being questioned.

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