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  • Major loss to the tourism and hotel industry.
  • Cases of the viral infection on the rise globally
  • 30 reported cases in India

New Delhi/ Jaipur/ Patna/ Agra- The rise in the positive coronavirus cases in the country, and increase in the cases around the world, has started to impact the Indian Tourism industry with a drop in footfall at some iconic locations and cancellations in the hotel reservations in the last week. Union Health Ministry Harsh Vardhan on Wednesday said that there have been 28 coronavirus cases in India, including the three in Kerala who were treated and discharged from the hospital last month, the amount rose to 29 later within the evening, with a person who works in Gurugram also testing positive .

As a precautionary measure, the Union government has suspended all visas from China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, Italy, Japan, South Korea and Iran, and began screening all inbound international travellers at 21 airports. Experts said that the tourism industry is badly effected by the spread of the coronavirus, they also quotes that a significant loss in footfall was noticed at Taj Mahal which is a major tourist destination in NCR amidst the spread of the virus in Agra. the Holi celebrations have also been cancelled at various major places such as in Vrindavan etc.

In Rajasthan, where a 69-year old Italian who was a part fo a group that visited six districts has tested positive for the virus, and is being quoted as the main carrier of the spread further to many other people including the bus drives of their tour bus. The first three cases were reported in Kerala in February. All the three patients left the hospital after being successfully cured.

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