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  • Global Cultures of Upbringing
  • Importance of Providing independence in upbringing if children
  • Significance of privacy for a child

Across the globe, different countries have their own vivid cultures; each one is different from another. The way families live, children are brought up, the way people gather in public, and the way they greet, everything varies in different geographic locations, and this is what makes that place distinct from another. India is one of the many countries where children are brought up under the close supervision of parents. As a child, every move of his/ hers is observed, and the child is corrected in every step where the parent feels the child is wrong. This disrupts the child’s own algorithm of growing up. For example, it is very rare to see a parent in an Indian surrounding knocking the door of their children’s’ room before entering. The child’s privacy is not considered as a concept of considerable importance. Whereas in the Western Countries, the children are given their freedom and privacy at a very young age, and this develops them into very independent and responsible adults in the future. A simple example, the children in western cultures are encouraged to sleep alone at a very tender age as their privacy is very well respected and seen as something important.

Trusting children and granting them their privacy plays a very significant role in the upbringing of children. This helps the child to be more confident about what he or she does. The child grows up to be very responsible in most case scenarios. And since the child has learned a lot through experiences, the child has a first-hand understanding of how to deal with a particular situation. Moreover, giving privacy to children is a way of demonstrating that the parents trust their children and in any relationship, whether personal, professional, commercial, etc… trust is very fundamental. The child is learning his or her role in the environment, and this helps the transition of the child into adulthood to be much simpler. It will also facilitate the child to build healthy relationships in the future.

In a country like India, where the child is protected in the shelter of the parents until their marriage or even after that, the children who then grow up into adults will never learn to live life their own way. On the other hand, this protection and supervision also keeps the children from any unrecoverable damage that can be caused to the child. Therefore, along with the supervision, they must be taught how to lead an independent and self-governed life. This way, they will set foot into life on safer terms and are also not prevented from making valuable contributions to the society through their creativity.

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