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  • A doctor in hyderabad was raped and murdered.
  • The 4 rapists were encountered by police
  • Were they the real rapists or some other persons?

At the time of Hyderabad's encounter, there was a YouTube video that was trending on number one. The top comments of that video were "This encounter was like a Simba movie. Salute to the police officer. "Direct shoot, best justice. Like if u agree. ", " Proud of my India, we got justice guys. " From these comments, we can figure out two conclusions. The first one is that our public has completely lost its trust in the law and order system and its judiciary. So that if the illusion of justice is shown to people they become happy and satisfied. The second one is that people are such big emotional fools that they always try to find out a simplistic solution to every problem. They seek the inspiration form the movies like Simba and Singham as these movies are so simplistic. There is a good person in the movie who is a police officer while there is one another person who is 100 percent bad. So these assumptions which are taken in the movie are not realistic. People seek inspiration from movies like Simba and Singham but don't take realistic movies like Jolly LLB 2.

If today we will celebrate this encounter then tomorrow, there would be definite cases of innocents being killed by the police in the fake encounter. In Uttar Pradesh where there is encounter raj of police many innocent are killed in the encounter. For these, we have to find out the real cause behind this problem.

Real solutions:- The first root cause is that there is a severe lack of police in our country.  The second root cause is that the existing police officer is very overworked. On average they work for from 12 to 14 hours a day. About 50%of police officer complain that don't even get the holidays of Saturday and Sunday.

The same problem is with our judiciary system. There are 40% vacancies in our judiciary system. What is the government doing? Why t these vacancies are still vacant? There is a paucity of judges,  cases are piling up and there is no one to solve these cases. That's why justice is delaying and people are losing their faith in the judiciary. Another reason is that police work as the puppet of the political leaders. If they will not do so they will be transferred to some other place. For stopping this Supreme Court had given seven directions in 2006.

Some people feel that conducting an encounter would sow a seed of fear in the mindset of criminals. But if we try to think logically will really these encounter helps? In reality, the criminals will bribe our police who are overworked, understaffed and are not getting their salary. They would easily accept bribes to kill the innocent in the encounter. The people would be happy and the criminal would walk off scot-free. So our anger is justified but we need to direct it in the proper direction. What do you think about this encounter? Feel free to share with me

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 20 Apr 2020 14:02pm IST

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