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  • Gender Equality
  • Women representation in Judiciary
  • Judiciary promotion the participation of women entities

The need to guarantee gender balance in the legal profession has been progressively featured by many nations as a key administration issue. It is a concern that is identified with reasonableness, straightforwardness and the successful guideline of law. The legal workforce, made out of both men and women from the different thought process. This will enable to carry various voices and points of view which are not gender-biased. When the composition of women increases in the legal fraternity it can reinforce the trustworthiness and faith in the judicial system. All this will strengthen the participation of women in judicial professions, particularly at senior levels, can help eliminate gender stereotypes and increase women's willingness to enforce their rights. Such diversity can also strengthen the integrity of the judiciary, promoting citizens' trust in justice services. The relevance of this biases and gender stereotypes are still prevailing and diversely affect younger women. Throughout the recruitment stage, the lack of encouragement and professional development opportunities can also hamper women's presence in the judiciary.

It is to be noted that the key gender concerns and issues lie in justice programming. The issues include barriers to women's access to justice, women's property and inheritance rights, marriage, divorce and family law, women's participation in the justice sector and gender-based violence are few among the many roadblocks. To ensure gender equality in the judiciary the following steps if incorporated would curb the biases to a certain extent. Judiciary should be more prompt and vigilant in promoting and protecting the rights of women. There should increase public awareness and building support in areas of judicial activism to make it a success, The National Commission for women and National Human Rights Commission should serve as important allies to look into the violations of the rights of women. There should be more precedents that favour the women survivors. Judiciary should take harsh punishment mechanism to instil fear in the eyes of the offenders.

The road ahead to achieve gender equality in the judicial system we as individuals have miles to go. The path towards empowerment of the vulnerable sex is not an easy task to achieve. Let's hope in years to come to the conditions will improve and women will be considered as an integral part of the society in the real sense. Swami Vivekanand rightly stated that " The best thermometer to the progress of the nation it is its treatment of women"  

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