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  • General habits of people from different cultures
  • Healthy habits are cultivated only during crisis
  • The reason for cultivating healthy habits should not be a particular chaos as the habit ceases to exist when the chaos ends

Various countries across the globe have their own practices. Certain countries are even recognized specifically from their unique traditions, and these practices become their signature marks. Generally, most of these modern practices that the countries have inculcated are against the order of nature. They are destructive and are harmful to the environment. And some other traditional practices inefficient and time-consuming. The world has always seen changes with time. There are technical and technological inventions and advancements made so that changes in habits could be made for the more efficient usage of time and other resources. But the people continue with their age-old practices and are very reluctant to give up practices for a more productive and efficient society.

Sometimes the situation of the surrounding itself teaches people how to adapt to the surroundings to avoid more significant damage. It just but unfortunate to see that only a chaotic situation can make a man think in a different way, which could have been done well in advance when the situation was under control. One such example is the practices that have been followed during the global pandemic of the corona. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, many countries have adapted to their own most favorable practices in order to suppress the situation. Many countries have declared lockdowns and nationwide shutdowns. The movement of vehicles, either government or private, is prohibited. The local city buses and autorickshaws are not allowed to ply on the streets. This has reduced the pollution levels of cities on a drastic level. Through this global pandemic, nature is finding a way to heal herself. Some steps to reduce the high level of pollution should have been taken by the countries collectively many years ago for the burden on nature to overcome.

The Supreme Court has decided to listen to arguments via video conferencing. When there are piles and piles of cases in the Supreme Court that have been stacked for years to be decided by the Apex Court of the Country, the decision of video conferencing had to be taken in order to reduce the burden on the courts and for faster delivery of justice. But only during such time of crisis, people inclusive of the administration realize the importance of moving ahead to more efficient usage of resources that are available. The courts in India still waste loads of paper every day only to record court proceedings and to post the schedule for the next day, whereas all of these can be done online. Social Distancing is seen as one of the primary keys in order to suppress the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Social Distancing is a very healthy personal hygiene habit and should be in practice always, irrespective of the societal conditions. It is still healthy to maintain a reasonable distance between people in public from the point of view of hygiene as well as manners. The problem is that all these new and good habits of the people which they have cultivated due too the pandemic crisis will cease to exist once the chaos ends. People should learn that, as and when the situation demands, healthy and productive practices must be cultivated, and this is in favor of the betterment of ahumankind.

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