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  • 8th march is celebrated as International women's day
  • It is celebrated to empower the women of society
  • This year the campaign chosen for the women's day was 'Equal For Each'

On 8th March of every year, the International women's day is celebrated in the whole world. The main center point of women's day is to fight for the rights of women. In the beginning, women's day was celebrated as National women's day held on 20 February 1909 in New York and this was organized by the Socialist party of America.
International women's conference was organized in August 1910 at Copenhagen, Denmark. German delegates Clara Zetkin, Kate Duncker offered a proposal of the establishment of "Annual women day", as they were inspired by the American socialists. 100 women from 17 countries that are delegated agreed with the idea of promoting annual women's day. Next year in 1911 on
19th March first time international women's day was marked and was celebrated by millions of people in Denmark, Australia, Germany, and Switzerland. Women in some countries demanded the right to vote and right to hold public office and protested against the employment discrimination done with women on the basics of sex.
Now women's day is celebrating on 8th march of every year in many countries of the world. In 1914 Germany decided to give the right of vote to women which was not given before. In 1975 the United Nations started celebrating international women's day in the international women's year. In 1977 it was officially declared women's day for women's peace and rights in general Assembly of United Nations. It has a logo that has two colors purple and white with a symbol of Venus which is also a symbol of being female. A lot of messages and slogans which promote this day are publicized during this time of the year. The aim of this day is to help the nation's worldwide and eliminate discrimination against women. On November 19 International Men's day is also celebrated.
In many countries, it is declared a national holiday on this day. Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova are some of those countries. In fact, in Russia, the sales of flowers double in the near days of 8th March. In China, a half-day leave is given to women on this day. In Italy international women's day is celebrated by giving mimosa blossom to women. In the United States., the month of March is known as Women's history month.
This year the campaign chosen for the women's day was 'Equal For Each', which had taken from the idea of collective individualism. Collectively we can change the world. Collectively we can each other create a gender equality world. How u did you celebrated women's day? Share it with me. I will be glad to know.

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