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  • 10 people hospitalised
  • Hack claimed to cure coronavirus
  • Home remedy harmed people

CHITTOR- A TikTok video which was a at home remedy to keep safe from the deadly coronavirus is responsible for making two families to undergo medical treatment in the hospital, the video has a recipie of a juice which is said to keep people safe from coronavirus, the families said that they watched a tiktok video from which they prepared the juice made from the seeds of Datura Stramonium which is also locally known as ummetha kaya and is easily available in villages believing that it would keep them from contracting coronavirus.

The families belong to a remote village of Alapalli under Byreddipalle mandal in Chittor district and comprise of 10 people, all of whom are hospitalised. After consuming the juice, they fell ill, and neighbours found then in a semi-conscious state and took them to the area hospital, after which they were treated and later discharged in the evening.

Despite several caution and advisories from the State and the central health departments and doctors as well people are again and again falling for unscientific  remedies to fight COVID-19 and especially people from rural areas are opting for the fraudulent solutions they find on social media. As per the government advisory there is no vaccine for COVID-19, and trials are still underway, it is advised to the people to stay away from such misleading, preventive, at home methods as they are not medically tested and can cause more harm than causing any benefit. Chittor District Medical and Health Officer Dr.M Penchalaiah appealed to the public not to fall for rumors and follow ' home remedies' that have not been verified by medical experts.

Coronavirus is increasing rapidly in our country and cases have extended beyond 5000 it is advised to the pople to stay at home and follow strict quarantine and co-operate the authorities.

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 09 Apr 2020 17:16pm IST

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