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  • Bernie Sanders announced suspension of campaign after Biden's comeback in the democratic caucuses.
  • Bernie ran on a progressive platform calling for radical change in the American system
  • He vouched for universal healthcare, the green new deal and free education for all


“Today I am suspending my campaign. But while the campaign ends, the struggle for justice continues” 

In a tweet on the 8th of April, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders finally suspended his campaign to become the democratic nominee for the Presidential race, leaving the former Vice President Joe Biden as the nominee for the democratic party. 

Bernie Sanders ran on a rather radical stance, not something the democratic party was used to seeing. Out of the twenty odd candidates that were in the race Bernie and Sanders were the only heavy left leaning candidates. 

Senator Sanders ran with progressive ideas. Ideas that were meant to remove systemic problems in the American system ranging from healthcare to education. His key policies were implementing a universal healthcare system on the basis that healthcare was a right and not a privilege, eradicating student debt and making college education free for all and also the implementation of the Green new deal. 

His ideas were faced with intense criticism not just from the republicans but also from many democrats, and his dominance in the polls in the early states just increased the wave of criticism. His policies aimed to achieve a socialistic democracy in America, where the rights of Americans would be upheld. The right wing however saw these policies as the end of America, citing examples of Venzuela, which is now facing hyperinflation of record numbers and also dismissed as being “communist”. 

But while the policies may never be implemented, the question is what now about the democratic party? The democratic party have always sided with a more moderate candidate and this was more evident than ever with the candidates dropping out and endorsing Biden over Bernie. It is important to look at the problems that the American system has at this point. High student debt, high expense of healthcare which includes overpricing of drugs essential for survival and a massive gun control problem. To tackle these problems one would need to bring a radical change in the system, in the status quo which a moderate candidate like Biden may not be able to do. 

The democrats would justify this by bringing up the question of electability and bringing together both sides of the house together in order to fulfil their objectives. However, the democrats have not understood the political climate in which the 2020 election is being fought. It has become more polarised than ever and the entire 2020 campaign for the democrats is going to be one to defeat Trump and take control of the presidency and ultimately the Senate in the coming elections. The only candidate to have been doing considerably well in the various polls across the country by different news outlets including Fox News was Bernie Sanders and now with the democrats choosing Biden, their crusade against the current President may end in failure. The shortcomings of Joe Biden having been exposed in the race and his character has been framed as a man who his in his old age forgetful of things, with a short fuse and riding on the accomplishments and no matter what you say about Trump there is one thing he does with perfection, ridiculing his opponents getting to them by creating a different perception of them in public. Signs of this were seen in the campaign trail where Trump referred to Biden as “sleepy Joe”. 

The democrats not playing fire with fire may have just lost them the 2020 elections and handed Donald Trump another term as President of the United States. With the announcement of the suspension, Bernie’s last probable shot at the Presidency comes to an end and may spend the last days of his illustrious political career in the upper Chamber of Capitol Building. 

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 09 Apr 2020 17:16pm IST

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