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  • Legalization of Marijuana in various countries
  • Medicinal Value of Marijuana
  • Policy changes to be made in order to legalize the drug

There are various narcotic substances which are banned throughout the world for its adverse effects on the person who uses such drugs and even on society. The people who live with such substance abusers are also psychologically affected by the behavior of the abuser. Certain narcotic drugs like cocaine and heroin are banned throughout the world in all nations, and certain other drugs like marijuana are illegal in certain countries but are in use and trade in some others. The usage is allowed for recreational purposes in some nations and for medicinal use in some others.

There are a few topics in society that excite the emotions of people, and one of them is the legalization of medicinal marijuana. The few thought-provoking concerns in relation to legalizing marijuana are that 1. Whether it is effective? 2. Is it addictive? 3.  Is it possible to keep it away from the misuse of people? Etc… Countries like Canada, Georgia, South Africa, individual states of the USA, and also parts of Australia have legalized the use of cannabis for recreational purposes. The countries that have legalized the use for medicinal purposes are more in number and include New Zealand, Peru, Norway, Switzerland, Thailand, etc…

Many medical studies have shown that cannabis has medicinal values and that there are biological values in cannabis, which are called cannabinoids. There are various compounds in marijuana that have different effects on the body. The delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound helps to cause a high in the body, which relieves pain and nausea. It also acts as an antioxidant and reduces inflammation. Another compound Cannabidiol (CBD), helps in curing seizures and reduces anxiety. Therefore there are strong pieces of evidence to prove the fact that marijuana has medicinal value as well and can be used for purposes other than recreation.

As far as cancer is concerned, research shows that cannabis can be safely used to treat cancer and that it slows down the growth or causes the death of certain cancer cells. But there is no evidence to show that it can be used to cure or control the disease. Therefore, relying purely on marijuana for treating cancer is not recommended. But since the plant has medicinal purposes, the government of India should legalize the use of such a plant in India and its limit its use only for medicinal purposes. The administration should work on bringing new policies that can clearly differentiate between the use of the drug for medication and for the purposes of recreation. Evert aspect of society has two sides to it, and one of the sides always has a negative effect. This shouldn’t be the only reason for which the advantages of the positive side cannot be reaped society. Strict measures should be enforced for the misuse, and the use for medicinal purposes should be allowed.



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