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  • Global Pandemic of COVID-19
  • Hydroxychloroquine has a partial curing effect on coronavirus
  • Plasma transfusion positive to cure coronavirus

The Novel Corona Virus is a global hot topic right now. It has affected the population of several countries, including China, Spain,  Italy, Pakistan, the USA, India, etc… Across the world, the deadly virus has infected 1.570,349 people and has claimed the lives of 92,192 people as of 9th April 2020. These numbers are causing panic and agitation among the leaders of various nations. Research showed that the drug used to cure Malaria, i.e., Hydroxychloroquine has a partial curing effect on the coronavirus and can be used for the patients who are severely ill. This drug is expensive, and India being a generic medicine producer, could easily manufacture this drug in huge numbers. The maximum of the world’s requirement for this drug is being exported from India, and many countries are grateful to our country for this. Essential other medicines such as paracetamol and other pain relievers are also being supplied by India.

While this was seen as a medicine, there is a real need for something else which is more reliable and which is specifically developed for the purposes of COVID-19. Researchers and doctors indulged in a promising experiment, which shows that the blood plasma of the recovered patients can be used to treat the patients who are ill. This is a significant milestone for the medical field if this works because COVID-19, is not just a problem faced by India, but the world as a whole is fighting this pandemic. The use of plasm works on the concept of antibodies. Any virus or bacteria when it enters the body it affects the immune system. And to fight the external body that has entered the body, the immune system produces antibodies that bind the virus or bacteria and obstructs the infection. When the immune system produces these antibodies in order to fight the virus, the body will be able to respond to the infection quickly and creates immunity in the body, which lasts for days, months, years, or even for an entire lifetime.

The body of the person who has been cured of COVID-19 will have these antibodies that his/her immune system has produced to fight the virus, and the amount of these antibodies will be large in number. Using these excess antibodies and implanting them in an ill person’s body can help in the curing of the disease. In China, two teams of doctors tried this on patients. Fifteen patients who were severely ill were transfused with the plasma of the patients who had recovered. Such patients showed drastic improvements. Another pilot study in Wuhan shows that the virus levels dropped drastically when the transfusion of blood plasma was conducted. This finding has raised the hopes of people across the globe and should soon be brought into effect in order to control the spread of the virus and also to put an end to this global pandemic.

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