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  • Adverts on Internet
  • Impacting the brains of consumers
  • How consumers get affected.

The Internet is one of the most growing spaces in the world which has the largest active audience. It is also termed as a cheap and yet powerful tool to advertise. The problem that we generally find with social media is that its very hard to differentiate between what content is paid and what content is real. Also many times the ads we see with offers, are fake as on the page the price is low but, when redirected to the main page, the price is different and higher.  While scrolling through your feed you may feel compelled to download the latest “free” app that promises more likes and followers, or offers virus protection for your gadget. Beware though, not only are you opening up your device to this unknown entities app, you could possibly be signing up for recurring subscription fees, some as high as $99 every seven days.

Social media can be really depictive as people believe in the majority. Brands on social media are not judged by the quality but the likes, comments, shares that they obtain. Recent reports also show that brands even buy likes to create an image of themselves online. A lot of online contests are being held to attract customers. This increases their online engagements to gain an audience.

In the recent case of Cambridge analytical, Facebook was accused of stealing the information and selling it to the third party which can be dangerous for the consumer that an online site controlling their consumer behavior.



Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 04 Apr 2020 18:21pm IST

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