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  • Fire broke in Asutralian bushes
  • Around 500 million to 1 billion animals killed
  • Adani coal project not stopped even after these consequences of carbon emissions

Recently, there was a massive fire broke up in Australian bushes. By the way, In Australia, there is a fire season every year, which is part of its ecology. But the 2019 fire was destructive one which killed many plants and animals. Let’s see what happened there:

  • 2019 was the hottest and driest year for Australia. The temperature increase due to climate changes Worldwide is 0.8 degrees but in Australia, it is 1.4 degrees. Environmentalists think that when this will rise up to 3 degrees, then this will happen every summer.
  • It was already predicted by an environmental report in 2008 that a massive fire broke will happen in 2020.
  • Estimates suggest that 500 million to 1 billion animals are killed in this bushfire. These include only mammals, reptiles and birds, many small insects may also get killed in this but these are uncountable.
  • Koala is one of the common animals of Australia, and this fire has affected so much of the koala’s population that they have been put into the 'Endangered' species category.
  • Australia is a very special continent in terms of biodiversity. There are many species of wildlife that can be seen easily in Australia, as you will see kangaroos and emus roaming freely on the roads of Australia.
  • Food was airdropped for animals that escaped from the fire.
  • 18 million hectares of the area has been burnt in this fire as compared to 7 million hectares burnt in amazon fire. For example, the Bihar state of India has approx. area of 9 million hectares, so the burnt area is equivalent to double the size of Bihar.
  • The economic damage of 4.4 billion dollars has been estimated from this fire.
  • NASA satellite images have shown that the smoke produced from the fire has traveled all over the globe and came back to Australia. It has increased air pollution.
  • Glaciers in NewZealand turned yellow due to this smoke.

And when this all was happening, Australian prime minister, Scott Morrison, left the country for vacations in Hawaii. Although he later apologized for this, when he returned back, the Australian public openly abused him. People were so angry with him that no one agreed to handshake with him when he went into the general public.

Australia is the world’s largest coal exporter, coal generates carbon dioxide which results in climate change. Also, Australia is the second-largest carbon emitter per capita. Many scientists have been pointed out this in the past, but he promoted coal and coal energy in the country. Scott Morrison has always been criticized for ignoring this issue, but he didn’t agree that carbon emissions are having any effect on bushfires.

Adani coal project is also approved by the Australian government it is also very dangerous for Australian ecology.

This project has not been stopped even so much destruction. There are protests in Germany too for stopping this Adani coal mine project against a german company siemens, which is the infrastructure developer at Adani's coal project.

It is not a matter for 1 or 2 countries but it is a matter for the entire globe.

Prime ministers of many countries are now promoting polluting business and ignoring its environmental effect. Donald Trump is also working in this way, the USA is the first country to step back from the 'Paris climate agreement', in fact many decisions have been taken by him regarding the relaxation of provisions against polluting businesses.

The same story is of the president of brazil, Bolsonoro, who is indirectly responsible for amazon fire. After his election since 2019, Deforestation in the Amazon forest has been increased by 85%.

Leaders of all the countries should be pressurized to make decisions that are pro-environment.

What are your views about this? You can share these with me in the comments section below.


Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 20 Apr 2020 14:05pm IST

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