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  • Trump ordered Hydroxychloroquine from India
  • The stock still not releases
  • Trump said he would appreciate India for their support.

USA- The United Sates has emerged as the worst effected of the deadly coronavirus with thousands dead and suffering already US is stating that the number of deaths might increase to millions as well. According to the reports the graveyards are full and there are waiting lists for the burial of the dead bodies and the death ceremony is being done via video confrencing

The US president Donald Trump has requested Prime Minister Modi to release the amount of Hydroxychloroquine ordered by the United States after India last month banned the drugs for exports. India's Directorate General of Foreign Trade on March 25 banned the export of Hydroxychloorquine but said that certain shipments on humanitatian grounds may be allowed on a case-by-case basis. Trump quoted at his daily news conference at the White House on Saturday that he called Prime Minister Narendra Modi this morning, they make large amounts of hyrdoxychloroquine and India is giving it a serious consideration.

Bases on some initital results the trump government is banking heavily on using Hydrocychloroquine, a decades old malaria drug, for the sucessful treatment of coronavirus. On following a quick provisional approval from the US Federal Drug Administration last Saturday, the malaria drug along with a combinationo of some other drug is being used in the treatment of about 1,500 COVID-19 patients in New York. According to Trump they are getting potentially positive results and if it is sucessful it would just like be a gift from heaven. In anticipation of it being a sucessful drug in the treatment of coronavirus, the US has already stockpiled some 29 million doses. Trump also said that he would appreciate India if it releases the amounts of the drug ordered. He also said that he would take Hydroxychloroquine if needed.

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