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  • coronavirus afeected many jobs in USA
  • H-1B visa - extension in time period demanded
  • petition to US government required 100,000 signatures

The US has faced a lot of problems and crises in financial works because of a sudden fall in the stock market and many other reasons. So the COVID-19 has badly affected the US. Now about 3.3 million people have lost their job in America. So it's a very critical point for the international students as they are afraid of the fact that what will they do if they lose their visa or if they lose their job. Let's figure out the scenario.

What is the H-1B visa?

H-1B allows US employees to temporary foreign workers for a certain period of time who specialized in a certain technical field. The visa is given to students who come from different countries to work in the United States. They are given a visa called H-1B visa.

H-1B visa holders seek 180 days instead of 60 days to stay in the US post-employment period. It means that if an employee is on an H-1B visa and loses a job in current circumstances he will have 60 days of unemployment i.e he has to find a new job within that 60 days. So regarding this, a petition has been signed by the foreign national people on the official website of White House that we want this 60 days period to be extended for 180 days (grace period) because of current circumstances.  So that if anyone loses his job then he would have 180 days to find a new job. This petition has reached 20,000 signatures and if this petition will reach up to 100,000 signatures then the administration of Donald Trump that is it will be discussed in the Senate by Congress. This petition generally requests the government to temporarily extend the period of 60 days grace period up to 180 days grace period and to protect the H-1B visa workers from becoming jobless. In my point of view, everyone should sign this petition because if in these circumstances someone who is on an H-1B visa loses his job it will badly affect his life and his family's life.

US tech workers urge Donald Trump to suspend H-1B visas because of the great loss of the economy of America. It means that the organization representing the technology in the United States has appealed to President Donald Trump to stop issuing the H-1B visas for one year so that economy can be brought again to the track. So it actually promoting the American workers to work in the technology department and help their country to raise its economic level. If it will happen then it will become a great difficulty for the foreign workers or the Indian workers who are planning to get a job in the US. What are your views regarding this? I will be glad to hear.

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