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  • Practice of Domestic Violence
  • Adverse impact on Children
  • Health conditions due to domestic violence

Adverse Effects of Domestic Violence on Children

Abuse is an age-old social evil that has been in existence for many centuries. Women majorly fall prey to this as in most countries, the patriarchal way of living is practiced, and the women are not given an equal opportunity to raise their voices against these atrocities. This kind of violence majorly sprouts up from conventional arrangements or institutions such as marriage or cohabitation. It can take a number of forms such as physical, verbal, emotional, sexual, etc. and the degrees can vary from subtle to extreme. Research has shown that there is a proportional relationship between gender equality and domestic abuse; the lesser the gender equality, the more is the likelihood of gender abuse.

Domestic abuse not only has a negative effect on the victim of such abuse, but also on the people who witness it. When there are children in the household where domestic violence is practiced, they are enormously impacted by the nature of abuse between the parents or the elderly couple in the family. It has short term and long-term effects, which can be either physical or mental. They always live in fear, as they are constantly on guard doubting when the next violent act will take place. There is a higher risk of the child growing into a very violent adult in the future. Children of different age groups are affected in different manners; a child of tender age like toddlers might start redoing their old habits such as bedwetting, increased crying, or thumb sucking. They may also find difficulty in sleeping. School going children, lose their self-esteem and tend to blame themselves for the situation at home and for the disturbance between their parents. They usually stop participating in their school activities and also stop mingling among their peers. Elderly children or teens are more mature, and they tend to understand the disturbance and violence between their parents, and they might resort to alcohol abuse or substance abuse. They have a tendency to bully their peers in school and are most likely to do acts against the law.

Children tend to explore their best talent and put on their best behavior when they are in a loving environment. Any child under an abusive environment has a chance to grow as a very abusive and violent human being. Thus, it becomes very important to protect the child from such surroundings not only because it affects the growth of the child, but also because, being in such an atmosphere puts the child at risk of being a victim to abuse. This can save the child from many psychological complications such as depression, stress, fear, anxiety, Post-traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD), panic disorders, etc.

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