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  • Current crisis of COVID19
  • Entry of the virus in Dharavi, extremely costly for the nation
  • The population and the conditions in Dharavi can aggravate the spread of the virus

COVID-19 started in the country of China during the months of November and December and since then has been spreading to various corners of the world map. It has spread to many countries such as India, the USA, the UAE, Italy, Spain, etc. It has taken many lives across the world and has caused medical panic in many other countries. The first case of COVID-19 in India was identified on March 30th, 2020, in the state of Kerala. The numbers slowly started increasing and spreading to different parts of India, including Karnataka, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu, etc.

The most affected state in India is Maharashtra, with 868 confirmed cases out of which 56 recovered and 52 succumbed to the illness with death. According to the most recent census of 2012, the population of Maharashtra comes to a total of 11.42 crores. The first case of the pandemic COVID-19 was identified in Maharashtra on March 9th, 2020. Soon, Mumbai and Pune became the hotspots of the Corona virus in India, as determined by the Government of India. Initially, there were only three testing labs in Maharashtra, but soon the Indian Council for Medical Research(ICMR) approved 12 private labs and 15 government labs for testing the deadly virus. Dharavi is a densely populated area in Mumbai and is Asia’s largest slum. It spreads across an area of about 2.3 km and has a population of about 8 lakh people. It is one of the most densely populated places in the world. The distance between houses is minimal, and the dwellings are tightly packed to each other.

People who live in Dharavi are slum dwellers, and hygiene is not very well maintained here. Entry of the deadly Coronavirus in Dharavi could be a curse to the entire population as there is a high possibility of the rapid spread of the virus in this area. The entire nation’s population was praying for the virus not to enter Dharavi, but the efforts have gone in vain. On April 2nd, 2020, the first case of Coronavirus was reported in Dharavi. A 56-year-old man, who had a small garment shop in the area and had no previous travel history died of the infection. The possible reason for contracting the virus could have been that he hosted five men, who had previously attended the religious conference by Tablighi Jamaat in March. He lived in a Society of the Slum Rehabilitation Authority which had 300 flats and 90 shops nearby. After this, there have been three more people from the slum area who have been tested as positive for the deadly virus, and this has caused the people of the nation and the government to panic. If this is not contained with immediate effect, the spread of the virus in Asia’s largest slum which is home to more than half a million people can be extremely costly to the country.

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 07 Apr 2020 0:24am IST

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