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  • He lost his Appeal in the High Court in April, 2020
  • Leave to appeal to the Supreme Court has been rejected
  • Other legal options available for Vijay Mallya

On Thursday, Vijay Mallya, the liquor baron asked the Indian government to accept his offer to repay 100% of the loan due and to close the case against him. Through his tweet, he congratulated the Indian government for the economic package but lamented that his repeated offers to repay his dues had been constantly ignored by the Indian government.

On 20th April, Vijay Mallya had lost his appeal against the London High Court. The two-member bench presiding over the High Court appeal had stated that it was prima facie a case misrepresentation and conspiracy which would amount to money laundering. The Chief Magistrate’s decision which came in 2018, has been upheld by the verdict of the High Court. The Chief Magistrate had ruled that Vijay Mallya should be answerable for the money laundering case.

On 4th May, Vijay Mallya had filed an application for appeal in the UK Supreme Court against his extradition order to India. This move came exactly two weeks after the High Court dismissed his appeal. The leave to appeal to the Supreme Court is based on the point of law important for the general public, and it is often not met. On 15th May, he lost his plea in the Supreme Court against his extradition order and is likely to return to India within a month. Thus, it is indeed a very remarkable opportunity for the Indian government which has been trying to bring back the fugitive offender in the country since 2016. This decision would mark the end of the four-year-long legal battle against the liquor baron.

According to section 36 and 118 of the UK Extradition Treaty, the set time limit for extradition is 28 days. India and the UK had signed an Extradition Treaty in 1992. However, Mallya can apply to the European Court of Human Rights on the grounds of inhuman and degrading punishment. Mallya was supposed to be kept in Arthur Road Jail in Mumbai, but the jail has now become a COVID 19 infected spot. This may form the grounds for inhuman treatment.

Vijay Mallya owes an estimated amount of 9000 crores to seventeen banks in India and has been accused of fraud and money laundering. He was the promoter of Kingfisher Airlines which has now become defunct. In 2012, the airline was forced to close its operations due to the burden of debt. In March 2016 he left the county and went to the UK. In 2018, he was declared a fugitive offender.

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