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  • Downfall of Nokia
  • Era of smartphones
  • From hardware to software.

We read in the previous article which was In the last article, I talked about the rise of Nokia and how it changed the definition of mobile phones. The previous article ended with the line saying that Nokia was to face a lot of problems because of upcoming mobile companies. In this article, I will talk about the problems that Nokia was about to face in the early and mid-2000s.
Nokia was mainly focused on hardware and sturdiness of the mobile phones and the phones used to be very rough and tough, at a point of time it was also said that even you throw a Nokia phone from a 2 story building it won't break and it will still work as before, this was the main reason it was a total hit in the Indian market. But various US and European companies started to develop software-based mobile phones and the world was soon shifting from hardware-based to software-based mobile technology. And then came the year 2008 when mobile technology completely changed forever, it was the year of introduction of ios and android. With android and ios system software developers for the freedom to develop apps and furthermore software which were game-changers, now the industry was changing from manual to the customer based and everything started to be on the tips of hands, it was the onset of the era of smartphones. Nokia didn't have lean manufacture system, but still, it was sustaining in the Asian markets, but soon Samsung and Motorola brought up flip phone models in the Asian markets and people found this concept to be new and people started to like these products (ios, android in the US and European markets and Flip phones in the Asian markets). This was all possible because mobile productions started to thrive in the Chinese lower-end markets very rapidly. Because the Chinese mobile manufacturers were very fast in execution and Nokia wasn't, and due to low-cost production, the manufacturing setup of mobile phones started to shift from American and European markets to Chinese markets.
Apple evolved a lot by the year 2010 and had approximately 3 lakh apps on its software whereas androids had 1.25 lakh apps on its software in 2010, and Nokia was still stuck on Symbian OS which didn't even have 20,000 apps. So, software developers started to move on to android, and companies like Samsung, HTC, LG started to inculcate Android os in their smartphones.

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