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  • he also said the Supreme Court should
  • Rohatgi was appointed the Attorney General for India by the NDA government on June 19, 2014 and remained so till June 18, 2017
  • He made the remarks while delivering the Prof N R Madhava Menon memorial lecture on the subject of 'Journey of the Supreme Court from 1950 till now'

The country's former Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi said on Saturday that the Supreme Court had lost its way while canceling coal block allocation, 2G spectrum licenses, and mining of iron ores in Karnataka and Goa. This ecstasy of the apex court regarding environmental security caused a major setback to the economy. Mentioning the right to appoint judges in high courts by the Collegium headed by the Chief Justice (CJI), Rohatgi said that the Supreme Court should gracefully waive its monopoly for the appointment of judges.
Rohtagi made the above comment in Professor NR Madhav Memon Memorial Lecture on the 'Supreme Court journey since 1950'. Rohatgi was appointed as Attorney General on 19 June 2014 by the NDA government. He held this position till June 18, 2017. The decision to allot coal blocks and 2G spectrum and to cancel iron ore mining licenses in Karnataka and Goa came during the UPA government led by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. At that time there were allegations of corruption in the allocation in these cases and there were agitations against the government.
Referring to the hearing through video conferencing in the situation arising out of the Coronavirus, the former Attorney General said that there are some technical problems with the system, but it can be improved. Talking about the big decisions since independence, Rohatgi said, 'In its zeal to save the environment, the government orders and its zeal to correct its inaction, the Supreme Court has given a big blow to the country's economy. An example of this is to cancel the allocation of all coal blocks across the country.
According to Rohatgi, when the court gave this ruling, it lost millions of jobs, lost millions of foreign investments, lost millions of crores of equipment. The government did not take the right legal measures then and it affected the economy of the country. He said, 'The same happened in the 2G case. The country suffered a lot from this. The cancellation of iron ore ores in Karnataka and Goa is a similar case. The Supreme Court should have also kept its economic aspects in mind while delivering the verdict. But the Supreme Court lost its way.
Expressing his displeasure over the modus operandi of appointment of judges in the Supreme Court and High Court, Rohatgi said that under the Constitution, his appointment should be by the President, that is, by the government as the President acts on the advice of the government.

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