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  • Supreme Court in March directed all states and Union Territories to constitute high-level committees to consider releasing on parole or interim bail prisoners and undertrials
  • Random sampling in jails of UP, Rajasthan
  • jail inmates have been released on various grounds, including decongesting the prisons in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic.

Following the Supreme Court's directive, states have started releasing prisoners in their jails. So far, nine states have released about 40,000 prisoners on temporary bail. 7200 in Maharashtra, most affected state by Corona, 6500 in Madhya Pradesh and about 10,000 prisoners in Punjab have been released on bail.
State governments have become cautious after the Corona cases in Delhi's Rohini and Rajasthan's District Jails. The Maharashtra government said that more than 7200 prisoners have been released so far. Soon, 10 thousand more prisoners can be given bail. More than 100 prisoners and staff have been infected by corona at Arthur Road Jail in Central Mumbai.
With the onset of this epidemic, more than 6500 prisoners have been released on bail in Madhya Pradesh so far. Of these, 3900 prisoners have been granted parole and 2600 interim bail. 6000 in Tamil Nadu, 7200 in Odisha, 3000 in West Bengal, 2500 in Gujarat, 3500 in Assam, 44 in Goa, and 3418 in Chhattisgarh have been released from prison. The Bihar government has shifted around 4500 prisoners to less crowded jails. There has not been a single captive infected by corona in the state so far.
The Supreme Court has granted two months bail to an undertrial prisoner in Jaipur jail. The top court granted his bail for treatment after the inmate's report was found positive. While two prisoners released on bail from Bhondsi jail in Gurugram were found to be corona infected. On the other hand, the corona report of a 48-year-old woman lodged in Ludhiana jail in Punjab has come up positive.
After the death of an inmate at Agra Central Jail, the Uttar Pradesh Jail Administration has started random testing in state jails. At the same time, after getting 140 patients of Corona in Jaipur jail, the Gehlot government has directed random testing in other jails also from Monday.

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 19 May 2020 18:00pm IST

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