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  • Media report showed a women dragging a suitcase with a half hung sleeping child
  • Asks for an approach keeping in mind the human rights
  • Told the authorities to take action against concerned officers

As media reports about a mother pulling her exhausted child sleeping half hung on a suitcase started making rounds, the NHRC decided to that Suo Moto action of the incident.
The woman was part of a larger group of migrant workers who were crossing the Agra Highway to reach their native places. Reportedly she was walking from Punjab to Jhansi in Uttar Pradesh.
The Commission said that they know that the current situation is unprecedented and they are aware that the Governments have been doing a lot to address the issues but it is “strange that the pain of the child and family could be seen and felt by many en route, except the local authorities.”
Live Law reported that the Commissioner of National Human Rights Commission, former Chief Justice HL Dattu said "Had the local authorities been vigilant, some relief could immediately be provided to the aggrieved family and others facing similar hardships. The incident amounts to a violation of human rights and requires intervention by the NHRC.”
Despite allowing special trains and distributing food packets etc the media reports disclose that the migrant laborers are still suffering. It is not coming to a halt.
The Commission has accordingly issued notice to the Chief Secretaries of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh and the District Magistrate, Agra, Uttar Pradesh. It has sought a detailed report on this matter and proper action against the concerned officers who were responsible for this and also the relief that has been provided to the victim families.
Observations were made by the NHRC on the other several news reports all of which disclosed the never-ending miseries of the migrant workers. Since the lockdown has commenced, they have suffered the most. The government at the central and state level has intervened to rehabilitate them but not much progress is visible. With the news report coming in, the Commission states that it has forced them to intervene to sensitize the government and authorities to deal with the crisis “with an approach of respect to human rights of the public at large, particularly the vulnerable sections of the society.” The Commission observed that such incidents that are being reported just show the "carelessness and inappropriate approach" of the local public authorities who do not or are ignoring the ground reality of the situation at hand.
This is not the first instance where the authorities have been called out on their attitude towards this crisis. Madras HC, Gujarat HC, Allahabad HC, etc. have all taken notice of the sad state of human rights and asked for a more humane approach.

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 19 May 2020 18:07pm IST

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