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  • He had been earlier suspended over disciplinary issues after he complained of insufficient PPEs
  • A video of him being brutally beaten up by Police went viral
  • The Commissioners said that he is suffering from psychological issues

A video has been making rounds of social media of Dr. Sudhakar, a suspended doctor of Nasrsipatnam government hospital, being beaten up by the police.
As reports by Hindustan Times, the police tied up the hands of the doctor and dragged him on the road for allegedly creating a nuisance. It has been alleged that the doctor was inebriated and suffering from certain psychological conditions.
The videos have drawn criticism from the general public and the opposition parties. TDP politburo member Varla Ramaiah stated “It was an inhumane treatment meted out to a Dalit doctor for questioning the efficiency of the government. The police and the ruling party leaders and trying to project him as a mentally challenged person to defend their action.”
In March Dr. Sudhakar was suspended from his services over disciplinary issues. This happened after his statements regarding the shortage of PPEs and N-95 masks became viral. He had stated that these equipment meant for the doctors were being sent to the VIPs. In the video, he had said “We are asked to use the same mask for 15 days before asking for a fresh mask. How can we treat patients risking our lives?”
The Commissioner told the Hindustan Times that they have suspended the police constable involved in the incident and an inquiry is being made.
As per the Commissioner information given by the police commissioner the police control room had received information via a call stating that a person was creating a nuisance on a particular spot. When the police rushed to the spot, they found the doctor in an inebriated state and ascertained that it was him who was causes the issue. He was rude to the police and also threw away the cellphone of the police.
He said that the doctor now has been admitted to King George Hospital as he is suffering from psychological problems. They are now awaiting medical reports and then will be filing a case of under the Indian Penal Code against him.
The Mumbai Mirror reported that the superintended of the hospital the doctor has been kept in stated that "Dr. Sudhakar was brought to the KGH casualty ward at 6.30 pm.  From the smell, it was found that he was in a drunken condition. Under the influence of alcohol, he did not cooperate with anybody there and kept abusing all. Still, his pulse and BP were checked. Pulse was 98, BP 140/100. Blood samples were sent to the forensic lab to ascertain alcohol content in his blood."
This incident calls for a serious probe into the conduct of the constable involved as no amount of inebriation warrants the kind of humiliating treated that was meted out on the doctor as disclosed by the videos.

Section Editor: Pushpit Singh | 19 May 2020 18:08pm IST

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