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  • China accused India of crossing the Line of Actual Control
  • India-China face-off at North Sikkim
  • Chinese media has claimed that India has built illegal defence facilities at Galwan Valley

China has accused the Indian army of crossing into its territory and attempting to change the status on the Line of Actual Control between the two nations in Sikkim. The statement made by the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs is an escalation of the current tensions at the LAC between the two countries. The Ministry has threatened to bring the actions of the Indian government into a diplomatic face-off between the countries. The statement claimed that the Indian army had crossed the Sino-India border to enter the Chinese territory. China asked the Indian side to withdraw their personnel immediately, restore the status quo of the area, and to maintain peace in the border area. This statement is a response to the face-off which took place at Naku La.

Indian and Chinese soldiers were involved in a face-off in North Sikkim along the India-China boundary. The aggressive confrontation took place near the Naku La sector, a pass located 5000 meters above the sea level. Four Indian soldiers and seven Chinese soldiers suffered injuries during the confrontation. About 150 soldiers were involved in the face-off. The Indian army confirmed that an encounter took place between Indian and Chinese troops, a day after the incident was reported in the newspapers.
The two sides disengaged after a dialogue between both the armies and a local level interaction. The face-off was temporary and was not a stand-off. Such incidents occur when there are some unresolved boundary issues. Lieutenant General Vinod Bhatia said that it is possibly the first time that a face-off took place at Naku La. He said there was a rise in the number of face-offs as both sides have better access and improved infrastructure.
Earlier a brawl took place between the Indian and Chines soldiers near Pangong Lake in Ladakh.

On 19th May, Chinese media has claimed that India has built illegal defense facilities at Galwan Valley in the Aksai China Region. This claim was based on some anonymous military sources. There has been no official response from India to the Chines allegation.
Global Times had reported that China had bolstered border control measures as a response to India’s recent and illegal construction of facilities across the border. The media report stated that this move was China’s most robust military response to India’s illegal trespassing. Though the possible cause of the provocation is not clear, the potential reasons are many. India had accused China of pitching tents in areas where Indian troops regularly patrol. India has also increased the level of scrutiny on Chines investment.

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