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  • Carry Minati uploaded a video roasting Tiktokers but what was special in his video?
  • Carry roasted Tiktokers for the type of content they make available to their users.
  • It is sure that this trending fight was of course enjoyable and made entertainment on a grand stage for the netizens.

It all started on Saturday, May 9, 2020, when YouTuber Ajay Nagar, popularly known as Carry Minati, uploaded a video roasting Tiktokers, people who upload videos on Tiktok but what was special in his video? Carry is very popular on the internet regarding his manner of roasting others to crisp. He rose to the sensation after his epic roast videos on Dhinchak Puja, BigBoss, and Deepak Kalal. These videos became immensely popular among teens. He is one of YouTube’s legendary roaster, who has a following of over 1.98 Crore subscribers. He is one of the first Indian YouTubers who started the trend of roasting. He has also roasted other legendary YouTubers like Pewdipie by posting a roasting video against his remarks about Indians and Indian food, in the track “Bi**h Lasagna”. He has been a fan favorite because of his incredible comic timings and this crowns his YouTube videos in the top trending list in India.

Why this trend became so popular?

The Chinese company, Tiktok, used innovation and creativity to bring its users close to each other by minimizing the technicalities people used to have when recording a video for YouTube. To be proper, one needs to have a professional camera setup for recording a YoutTube video and this is what the company tried to eliminate. The purpose of the company through its application is the enjoyment of the users and viewers both. The users, create a lip-synching video using the popular audio tracks of any other films or song, etc. and then share the video globally for the enjoyment purposes of the viewers. The elimination of professional setup brought rural and inexperienced users, the number which is large, close together, and this gave the application the fame it truly deserved.
The YouTube roaster Carry roasted Tiktokers for the type of content they make available to their users. The most common roast content of which is the boys or men performing in a feminist manner, by dressing up as girls and women. Indeed, performance cannot be judged by mere appearance, however recently on Tiktok, there came a series of videos in which girls and women were portrayed to be harassed by boys or men lavishly. Yes, this also happens on YouTube, but this popular streaming giant has strict usage and filtering policy and because of this when popular YouTubers post such content, the videos get removed by YouTube with the services of a notice. And this does not happen with the Tiktok.
The company in several statements provided the statement that it never had the intention to discriminate the people through its platform, However, the recent situations are not in conformity with the above. Even the popular users streamed adulterated videos and such videos get a trend.

The aftermath

After a lot of Controversies, to the surprise of his fans, YouTube finally removed Carry’s video. Soon after this, Carry was supported by his fans and a new trend came into the spotlight, that is, to grade down the rating of Tiktok on Google Play Store and Apple store. It did so, the rating of Tiktok came down from 4.3 to 1.3 out of 5! The world, who does not even know who Carry is, is supporting him now. Finally, the company deleted the ratings of its users for its branding in the market.

A side view of this trend

Apart from what happened with the Tiktok, it’s a legit question one asks someone else – “Why this happened?” The answer lies in the spread of the Coronavirus from China! People from all over the world, except China, in a belief (in my opinion) that the virus has spread from China across the world, are now discriminating Chinese people, products, brands, etc. This belief supported Carry’s video and downgraded the review and ratings of the Tiktok application on the Play store.

Bright future?

The future is still uncertain and it cannot be predicted anymore because of the ongoing pandemic. It is sure that this trending fight was of course enjoyable and made entertainment on a grand stage for the netizens. For the future, such type of trend can happen at any time. But, of course, one sure has observed the outcoming of this trend, and that is hatred!


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