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Ban on Zoom Application
A three-judge bench of SC headed by the CJI  SA Bobde has issued a notice on the following petition that is seeking to ban on the usage of the Zoom application by the public until there is appropriate legislation.
The Zoom app is a video conferencing app and due to the global pandemic, its popularity has arisen. It was mostly used by students and for office meetings. However It came to light that there have been privacy concerns like Zoom bombing, end to end encryptions, selling user data and hacking of emails, photos.
The Petition 
The petition filed by Harsh Chugh has stated in his plea that Zoom software application is a threat to the privacy of the individuals who use it and also is a breach of cybersecurity. It does not have an end to end encryption and violated the information technology act 2000 Information Technology (Procedure and Safeguards for Interception, Monitoring, and Decryption of Information) Rules, 2009. The CEO of Zoom video has also apologized publicly and accepted the app is faulty. The petitioner is concerned about the case of hacking and cyber breaches it poses. It has also asked other stakeholders such as the Ministry of Electronics and IT  cyber and information security division Of MHA to look into it.
The Privacy Concern 
The following relief which is sought in this following petition is urgent as there have been data hoardings and cyber hoarding or also called as zoom bombings where strange randomly join the zoom meetings and causes mayhem and says explicit things and there are pornographic images which are shown which have come to light. It is a serious concern and something should be done to curb this problem.
It has also highlighted the zoom's false advertising of end to end encryption and also te cyber coordination committee's warning regarding the safety concern on the software/app. It is vital to know that zoom has been violating its duty to have reasonable security practices. It has been misleading consumers about its security. It has been violating the privacy of millions of people all over the world by using and exploiting personal information.
The plea also states that there is a dire need of legislation to have a standard regulation to protect the right of the citizens regarding the privacy which the app is breaching. It has also been discussed by all leaders across the world. In a nutshell, the plea has stated all the security failures and privacy violations done by the Zoom app.

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