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Thousands of families are stranded in Guntur districts with no food, shelter. After the lockdown was announced they were no measures as to how they will go home. With no income and food being run out they had nowhere to go except their home and with this, the transportation facilities were suspended to curb the spreading of COVID-19.
On Friday, the Andhra Pradesh High court passed an order to set up temporary camps near the toll plazas and provide drinking water and food for the migrants traveling back to their home in districts like Krishna, Guntur, Srikakulam, Chittoor and other.
The HC's order 
The Division bench was led by Chief justice Sri Jitendra Kumar Maheshwari and Justice Lalitha Kanneganti of Andra Pradesh High court have appointed red cross workers, social workers, paralegal workers, village volunteers and also on an employee from revenue, police, health and local administration to assist the migrant workers and be ready with all the facilities near the toll plaza.
Public interest litigation 
The court heard the PIL (Public interest litigation) on the fact that the central government was not allowing the migrant workers in Vijayawada and Guntur district and other districts to return home and also has sought to arrange safe travel by providing the said transportation.
While hearing the PIL they expressed concern on the fact on migrant workers walking back home. They further stated that they deserved more help and at this point, if the high court, which is the protector of the poor doesn't help them by passing orders for transporting back to their home then we as a system have failed. They further stated some measures like adequate food stocks, washrooms, sanitary pad dispensing machines, good drinking water should be placed in the national highways for the migrants who are walking.
Further solutions 
The court has ordered that registration should be done about their going back home along with the help of Acrux IT Services Pvt .Ltd. The following data should be collected and accordingly, the bus arrangement should be done. The high officials of the Andhra Pradesh government and the states the migrant worker will be transported should be well-coordinated along with quarantine facilities.
It has also been stated that the Principal secretary and commissioner of the transport department will coordinate with the officials at the district level. The district collector will supervise the team that will be visiting the camps. Also, the district legal service authority will visit camps every day.

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