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  • Previous Legal trouble for the makers of Patal Lok
  • The complaint
  • The FIR filed on the following provisions

The amazon prime series Paatal Lok is once again in trouble for hurting religious sentiments of the Sikh community. A complaint has been filed before the Punjab police against Amazon prime and the producers of Patal Lok.
Previous Legal trouble for the makers of Patal Lok 
Previously a legal notice was sent to the producers of this web series for using casteist slur which insults the Nepali community. The legal notice was sent by Viren Sri Gurung, a member of the Lawyers Guild. The scene features a police officer using this derogatory term while interrogating this Character. So far there has been no official confirmation been given by the makers of Patal Lok regarding the legal notice. Another organization the Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh which is the youth wing of Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh has also objected to the same and also said it stereotypes people from the northeast.
The complaint 
The complaint was filed by G.S. Dhillion, who practices in Punjab and Haryana HC who has alleged that in episode 3 titled "History of Violence" was made to incite communal hate. It was also stated that they highlighted caste-based clashes and put two castes in a bad light. The episode was showcased in Punjab village and there was also the use of a caste-based foul language. Which creates unnecessary hate between the two castes.
The complaint has also specified the exact time which shows a boy being called as 'Manjaar'. It shows how the boy murders three boys from the caste with a knife. The makers have glorified caste and religious-based violence. Later a group of ten turbans clad Sikhs barge into the boy's house and rape the boy's mother. It portrays the Sikh community as an oppressor of women.
To prove that the whole portrayal is Blatantly false the complaint also talks about the Sikh community's history. It says as to how the Sikh community as always helped the needy and protected them. Like protected its women from invaders like  Ahmad Shah Abdali and Nadir Shah. The wrong portrayal of Sikh community has not gone well within the community and has resulted in unrest and hurt their religious sentiments
The FIR filed on the following provisions
The FIR is filed under the following provisions of the Indian Penal Code such as scheduled caste and scheduled tribe (prevention of atrocities )Act  1989 and Information Technology Act against the production company clean slate film Pvt ltd along with its directors and producer Anushka Sharma.

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