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  • Since, the lockdown domestic voilence cases are increased to 40%.
  • Along with the domestic voilence, mental health of womens is also a big reason to worry.
  • Most of the cases are from rural areas.


A home is considered as the safest place for someone, but it's also a hazardous location for many. Even in this corona crisis, few scared to be at home and that's the umpteen reality of our society. Domestic violence cases are increasing since the lockdown and it seems like a never-ending tale. There are thousands of domestic abuse cases coming forward these days. We can win against the pandemic, but how long we need to wait for the victory against inhumanity. There were few heart-rending cases which are needed to be answered.

A 34-year-old man murdered his partner and slept with her dead body for almost 5 hours before surrendering himself to the police in Rohini. The couple used to work together in a nearby factory in their local and have been staying together for around two months since the lockdown. They were not married but were together for the last 6 months and the lockdown allowed them to stay together and explore each other more than ever. As they couldn’t get back their home and the girl's hostel was also closed. So, this made them move in together at the man's place. But the poor lady was still unaware of ravening men's fantasy. The man sexually assaulted his partner and according to the forensic reports, The lady was harassed continuously in recent times. After murdering her he slept with her dead body and left her naked, this is what he confessed to the local police administrator. When cops reached the spot, they found the naked body exactly on the bed.

Let's move on to another crucifying story again from Delhi. Just before the lockdown, a woman along with her 2-year-old daughter rushed to her mother's place to save herself from the continuous verbal and physical torture of her spouse. She felt she could live there freely with some peace for a while. But her yearning desire didn't last long. The lockdown slides down the income of the lower-middle-class family, the tension was rising at a great pace. This added a great burden on her brother's head who is business was devastated in the lockdown period. One day he severely beat up her sister, then this became the regular practice for overtime. The woman kept quiet, faced everything, and later on, she managed to inform all these to local cops until then it was too late.

The third story is from Nainital a woman was being brutally beaten up by her husband, somehow she managed to escape from her home and approached NCW for help. NCW provided shelter for women and within a few days, they helped her to reach her native place in Delhi. Later on, when its time was a judicial inquiry of her husband, the women stepped back. She never wanted her husband to suffer and be in jail just because of her in-laws who may torture her parents too. So, sometimes it's also about speaking up against the constant fear of existence and torture.

Just a month after the lockdown a middle-class woman posted her most heart-rending story on Facebook which went viral for a while. "Job loss, salary cut, an uncertain future arising out of the lockdown. I see my self-esteem being crushed every single day. I have been questioned every single day for things not been done well. There is stress at my workplace and at home too. I am shouted by my husband, my in-laws, and even my children. There are fights and violence in the house that I have never experienced before in ten years of my marriage, she posted".

Why things are still the same?

Well, the victim's identity and the accused can't be revealed as per the Supreme Court directives on the cases related to sexual assault. But the reality can’t be changed, there is still no lockdown for domestic violence not even for such dark cupidity. Nowadays there are thousands of such despondent stories and all we can do is nothing rather than to plead for humanity. Over the years people united against many malpractices in our society but still no big pitch against domestic violence. Half the time victims blame themselves for remaining quiet for a longer period with the hope of settling down things sooner, which never happens in many cases. What our society should assure to all those victims is domestic abuse are unacceptable and the predator is responsible even he is her husband, friend, brother, or anyone else.

Well, let's move on to another scenario, where the majority of women fear reporting such raven actions. The actions of domestic abuse can easily be reported anywhere. But if the victims never intend to report such actions just because of fear then how can we say our nation can evolve? Especially, in this traumatic time when there could be no protest, rallies, or an attention-seeking a platform on such issues, then these animals of our fellowship grow apart.


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