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  • Hyundai Motor Co. ($25 billion):
  • Ferrari ($29 billion):
  • Toyota ($211 billion):

Hyundai Motor Co. ($25 billion):

This South Korean car manufacturer became the world's 10 largest car manufacture. Also the world's 10th largest car company. Their cars can be seen everywhere in India. It was founded in 1967. This kinda makes it a newcomer to the Indian industry. Hyundai built up a reputation for quality cars at an affordable price; revenue didn’t fall in a single fiscal year between 2011 and 2018, and last year Hyundai posted more than $87 billion in worldwide sales

Ferrari ($29 billion):

Everyone knows this name. Especially in the luxury car segment. The company is the only one on this list relying strictly on the low-volume, high-price business model. This makes it attractive for all HNI clients. Hence, there is always a demand for cars like Ferrari. 

Ford Motor Co ($36 billion):

Ford motors posted revenue of 148 billion dollars, one of the highest in the world. They operate in a lot of countries. Though Ford's sales are 37 times more than Ferrari's they are worth only 25% more. There are collectors who pay millions of dollars for rare models of the Ford car. 

Tesla ($39 billion):

This company has lost about $9billion since May 2018, it did not disrupt the ranking in the world index. CEO Elon Musk is eccentric and erratic and has run into trouble with the regulators and the investors in his country. Also, the US-China trade war is affecting the company a lot. Tesla was forced to raise the price of imported Model 3 cars in China to over $50,000 ahead of a tariff hike in December on U.S.-made cars from 15% to 40%.

BMW ($42 billion):

It was founded in 1961 in Germany. Its annual revenue was about 107 billion dollars last year and it caters to the luxury car segment overall. Beijing’s upcoming 25% tariff hike on U.S.-made cars will hurt BMW, which, like Tesla, exports a lot of vehicles from U.S. plants to the Chinese end market.

Toyota ($211 billion):

It is the largest auto company in the world. The cars of Toyota can be seen everywhere on this planet. They are among the most affordable and their quality is undisputed. It is worth 5 times of Tesla and is amazing qualitywise.

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