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  • Growth of stand-up comedy
  • Comedy evolving as an entertainment in India
  • Comedy addressing social awareness

While comedy has existed across the world in various forms, certain changes in recent times have made it a far more influential source of entertainment and information. Over the past few years, the growth of stand-up comedy has been extraordinary. Now that the comedians are realizing that there are money and a lot of fame in comedy, they are making lakhs of money with it. Many comedians are now getting the opportunity to become movie actors and YouTube stars. With the evolution of stand-up comedy, comedians now address a larger number of social awareness issues that are important to the lives of the youth in our country. They manage to grab the attention of the audience and provide a new perspective on issues that otherwise wouldn’t have been of any interest to the people.  An important reason for this trend is that people are taking comedians seriously.

India now has an evolving comedy entertainment that comprises an entire industry. Stand-up comedy isn’t exactly a new thing. The AIB comedy company in India was integral in the story of how this form of comedy has been popularized. This resulted in a lot more people to become aware of this avenue of comedy and entertainment that they can explore. The reason why stand-up comedy has blown out in the past few years is that there are various social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube that have allowed this genre of entertainment to grow and expand. Comedians who started as YouTube stars are popular with people of all kinds of age groups. These comedians on social media are not only widely followed but are also loved.

All this has made comedy an important aspect of India’s entertainment circuit. Comedy is the new wave of entertainment that everyone wants. The growth of this genre has also made the industry evolve in several different directions. There are many open-mic events and stand-up clubs across the nation. The young generation in India seems to be highly interested in social and political aspects around them and the reason behind this is the content they find online. And hence stand-up comedy has become an irreplaceable aspect of the Indian entertainment landscape.



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