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India is one of the largest democracies in the world, is the second-largest populated country with varied cultures, different languages, and many factors that shows India's unity in diversity. India is a country with 28 states, and eight union territories and agriculture was the primary source of the Indian economy till 1990. After the revolutionary measure taken by the Union Government of India by liberalizing the economy's industrial sector like software development and development of the automobiles industry, around 50% of the present population depends on agriculture, and 50% of the population depends on Industries.

There are three divisions in the Indian Armed Forces: The Indian Army became operational after the country gained independence from the British rule to uphold the ideals of the Constitution of India, thwart internal threats and proxy wars and to assist and protect the government and the people of India. The Indian Navy was founded in the seventeenth century when the East India Company has established a maritime force to maintain high readiness at all times to protect India's maritime interests, to defeat all naval threats, and to safeguard seaward frontiers. The Indian Airforce was officially established in 1932. Its primary aim is to overwhelm the adversaries with the application of aerospace power in defense of the nation. Over time, the Indian Airforce undertook massive upgrading of its equipment and aircraft and introduced more than 20 types of aircraft.

Five new Rafale fighter jets landed in Ambala, India. With the ability to strike air to air targets from up to 150 km away makes it the deadliest fighter jets flying in the world. It is known for its air superiority and precision strikes. These French-made aircraft are capable of carrying a range of potent weapons. The aircraft's flying performance and its weapons, electronic warfare capabilities, and radar and other sensors are among the best in the world. Its arrival in India will make the Indian Air Force much stronger to face any threat to our country. Indian pilots are also trained on the aircraft. Countries like France and Egypt have been operating and using these jets, those that have been supplied in India are highly customized and more sophisticated to meet the needs that the Indian Air Force has today.

India has plans to acquire 36 more Rafale the infrastructure necessary to accommodate them is ready, and a deal to purchase 36 more will cost the country lesser since the specific enhancements required by India have already been paid. India has also received five more jets, which are in France for training missions. The delivery of all 36 aircraft is set to be completed by the end of 2021.

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