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  • Newest T swift albums shakes the world
  • Different image, but great sound
  • Back to her roots- Songwriting and storytelling, without the gimmicks

Taylor Swift shuffled into isolation earlier this year, just like the entire world. But unlike most of us, she used that time nurturing stories instead of sourdough starters, clearing her head and the slate – and on it, she has written melodies and stories and, without a doubt, what might be the best album of her career.

Hardly a year after her seventh record, Lover, Swift came out with Folklore with little to no notice or ceremony on July 24. An album drawn more from the customs of American singer-songwriters and alternative rock bands than the pop, R&B, and country that defined her previous work, we got Folklore, and it has struck a nerve. In just about a week, it has been listened to more than 80 million times on Spotify, shattering the record for the highest first-day album streams.

In the past decade, any new music from Taylor Swift meant getting a dispatch on the inner mechanisms of fame, celebrity, and her high-profile relationships with partners and rivals. She’d leave a cookie-crumb trail for her fans decipher and to deduce who the subjects of her songs were and watched it all unfold with a smirk. While creative and skillful, Swift’s music was indistinguishably linked to her most intimate moments and movements.

All of which makes Folklore’s most impressive feat and puts it on a different level for the way it de-centers Swift. No longer the victim or villain, not the star or hero, but for once, she has cast herself as director rather than the lead of the story. Telling this story as one storyteller as opposed to the one living the story, this album has struck a very different chord of her usual music.

Over time, between digital and social interactions, the public recollections of events change, and Swift swayed, in public’s opinion, between the grudging participant and scheming businesswoman, while to others she represented the opportunism of white women using severely entrenched power dynamics to frame themselves as victims of black male aggressors.

Which is It’s especially satisfying to watch and see as Folklore casts off the expectation, self-flagellation, and pressure for pop stars to reinvent, modify and morph, and returns to the core precept Swift built her career upon songwriting. Specifically, she tells story songs that deal in character, time’s influence on people and their emotions, and the way contrasting lives are linked by – to steal the title of one of the Folklore’s highlights – invisible strings, tying them together inextricably.


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