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  • Travelling as a recent trend
  • Meaning of hitchhiking
  • Requirements for hitchhiking

No doubt, travelling has become a recent trend. There are various reasons why travelling has been trending, one reason being the busy lifestyle of people, they find travelling as an escape from their healthy lives and are ready to spend thousands to explore. In today’s modern life, there are various options available to travel than ever before. But some people find travelling expensive and cannot afford to spend on it, and that is when the Hitchhiking acts as the solution.

Some say just the word Hitchhiking takes them back to a lot of memories. The name Hitchhiking is not new in the western part of the world, and it’s not very common in India, and the number of hitchhikers is high as compared to the East. Hitchhiking means travelling around by just asking individuals, usually a stranger, for a ride in their vehicles, and its mostly for free. Hitchhiking can be through two-wheelers, cars, trucks, or any such vehicles carrying goods. There are stories of people travelling around the world with Hitchhiking, and they claim to have travelled across various continents this way. Hitchhiking enables individuals to travel thousands of kilometres and further exposes them to people of different cultures and social lives.

So, what are the requirements for Hitchhiking? A simple answer would be your thumb, patience, and a smile. With just the use of the thumb and a smile, it is possible to travel thousands of miles. It is said that hitchhiking will indeed have countless stories that are being shared by strangers. Their experience, their lifestyle, and most importantly, this involves lots of adventure. But this experience can also be very testing. It testifies the patience of a hitchhiker.

And most importantly, a hitchhiker must trust the stranger, which is the base on which the whole journey is made. The reason why trust is mentioned as an essential factor is that, as a hitchhiker, sharing stories of making new friends around the world is very common. 

Before choosing hitchhiking as the mode of transportation, a few things need to be considered. If you want to reach a place within a set period, then Hitchhiking is not recommended. There should be no hurry. It requires patience as the chances of getting help from strangers is low. There is a trick that few Hitchhikers use to get help when they are looking for a vehicle. They stand at places where the car slows down and where there is enough place for a car to stop.

To conclude, everyone must try hitchhiking at least once in their lifetime. The unique experience of standing on the roadside, would test the limit of patience and learn to keep a smile at the hardest of times. Also, the experience of building trust in a stranger can be unparalleled.


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