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  • Election day coming up in November
  • Creating awareness of the process of democracy
  • Students get a first hand experience as to what the process is and why its important to vote.

High School students encouraged to participate in election as poll workers

In an attempt to get the youth involved in the election process and motivate them to register to vote. A program was introduced from the Secretary of State, in partnership with Mendocino County Elections Department and local high schools, which aims to recruit high school students and involve them in the electoral process as poll workers on Election Day, November 3. It would raise awareness and also help conduct the voting smoother.

Student contributors get to help execute the most crucial pillar of democracy, the election.  Depending on the site of service, they can earn a salary of $65-$180 for serving as a poll worker while also getting an education about elections and creating a positive impact on their community.

High school students are cheered to partake in the program if they meet the following requirements. Students must be United States citizens or legal permanent residents. Participants must be at least 16 years old by Election Day, which is November 3.  Students must be attending a public or private high school at the time and maintain a grade point average of at least 2.5 or above. Finally, they must have attained permission from parents or guardians and their school.

According to the Secretary of State Website, poll workers perform the following vital functions on Election Day; set up and close a polling place, help voters understand their rights, and protect ballots and voting equipment.

The Mendocino County Elections Department has started calling local high schools to assess their desire to participate in the program.

Engaging young people in the electoral process is so crucial because young voters make up a disproportionately small amount of the total voters. These voters heavily weigh the outcome of the election and eventually decide the President of the United States of America.

Furthermore, Forbes magazine reported the United States of America as having one of the lowermost rates of youth voter turnout in the whole world. Polls have indicated not a lack of interest in politics in young voters but rather a confusion by complicated and unclear voter registration rules as the reason young people are not casting their votes. This indicates that voting intentions do not match up with actual voting in young US citizens.

 The principle behind pushing students to work and at the polls and giving them incentive too is ultimately based on educating the youth of democracy and how important it is for them to vote and contribute to their voices.


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