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  • Nike releases campaign ahead of resuming telecast of live sports
  • Adidas releases movie to motivate and inspire athletes
  • Importance of sports and fitness understood like never before in times of Lockdowns

“YOU CAN’T STOP US” because we are “READY FOR SPORT.”

Nike and Adidas have propelled high-decibel advertising campaigns rejoicing sport as a source of motivation as live games slowly resume worldwide.

The ‘You Can’t Stop Us’ campaign by Nike has resonated with people on the Internet, harvesting over 31 million YouTube views in nothing more than just two days. It features 53 players across 24 different sports worldwide, including our Indian women’s cricket team, sweating it out in the field in an inspirational montage.

The montage was curated by researching more than 4,000 pieces of material, and it highlights the common traits shared by these athletes from all around the world. The campaign coincided with the return of basketball. NBA officially resumed telecasting on July 31, 2020, after a 20-week break due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Closed gyms and empty stadiums haven’t stopped athletes from pushing forward and using their platforms to help create change. Sport shows us what an equal playing field looks like and reminds us that a better future is possible,” Nike said in a statement. 

Meanwhile, Adidas under the ‘Ready For Sport’ movement series has launched the flick titled ‘What’s One More,’ to inspire, push, motivate and enable all athletes as they prepare for the comeback of sports in the tournaments in 2021 since a majority of sports events have been forced to the following year.

Sports and fitness is one thing keeping people physically and mentally healthy during this lockdown. Keeping this in mind, Adidas feels it’s their responsibility to keep inspiring the same attitude, optimism, and hope. The whole world is facing the pandemic together. As a global brand, it’s a unique moment where Adidas’ ready for sport campaign almost seamlessly connected with every single person around the world. 

The film explores how these lockdowns and canceling of sports affect the physical and mental wellness of the players, while also following how they used this experience to positively prepare to get back to the game, staying active and in shape and leading the way and inspiring athletes who are watching from home.

It’s even just the athletes at home who are being inspired, its almost everyone. The importance of a little movement has never been understood and appreciated more than when you’ve been forced to give it up.


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